Saturday, September 1, 2012

What should I mourn for?

Here's a picture of a poor family( a baby girl and a father), trying to make both ends meet.

If your sorrow is not bigger than this one, don't shed tears. Don't feel bad if your favorite toy is broken, if your friends just bypassed you, if you didn't make a great grade in school or if you lost someone who was not sure if he/she loved you as deeply as you. Its not worth it. 

There are many more important causes for which we should hold on to our tears for. There are some really nice people who are fighting for people rights, animal rights, right to education, fighting against corruption etc. They are the people whom we should sincerely show our love to and for whom we should stand as a strong pillar of support. That's where we can find a better meaning to our life. Life always gives a second chance and only if you hold on to this faith, you will be surprised to see, how beautiful life is.

Sometimes we fail to see he bigger picture because we are so involved in one problem of our life. We think our whole life is dependent upon one thing and let me tell you guys, its a matter of pity that my life is just about one small thing. Rather I think it should be about a big vision. A vision as humble as providing a free eduction to one poor child, vision of fighting against corruption, vision of being an honest politician who is going to change the life of its people,  vision of making a great scientific discovery which will relief the pain of this world and make it more bearable for people to go through their life.

I am just amazed by the idea that how much time we are spending worrying about a person whom we thought as the perfect partner, but didn't think the same. I know some of my friends who take a beating in their professional career, on their health, on their family to keep thinking about this one person who may/maynot be the best one. And let me be honest, "the best one", "the perfect match", "made for each other" etc are commercial words of hollywood and it creates a skewed image of life partner in our head. What I feel is, a partner for life is someone for whom you have unwavering commitment, a 110% trust and faith that everything will turn out fine even if thing look challenging at present because you are not alone in the fight.

Sometime back, if you would have asked me "What is Love?", my answer would have been "I don't know what is love, but I consider it synonymous to, I Respect You" for its own reasons. But today after going through a short trip to this unknown island, I know how to define Love.
A love doesn't care who you are. It doesn't care if you have done many mistakes in past as long as you know it was unintentional and you share a bond of trust. A love is not about giving lots of gifts to keep your relationship alive, it is not about who pays the bill on your date, its not about what outfit your wear, how you talk. It goes beyond all this. It surpass these.

So, let's vow to mourn for right reason, to fight for right reason and to love for right reason. We as some privileged humans, also have responsibility towards uplifting the life of those who were unlucky to born in their families who cannot fulfill the basic needs. Only if the vision of life is big, it gives us inspiration to live and enjoy our achievement with many more people around. Our life will be more lived more worthwhile if we look beyond our needs and try to make some positive change to the world around us.


Note : Picture Courtesy Rohit Choudhary's facebook album and internet for dog and cat one.