Monday, August 29, 2011

I love you Mac

Its been just few days(Got on 8/26, today is 08/29) since I got my first apple product Apple MacBook Pro and I am already loving it. Couple of things makes it amazingly wonderful.

1. Mac OS is a Linux Flavor which makes it virus free and fast. I always wanted to move out of Windows due to its pricing and too much control over user.

2. MacBook Pro is no nonsense system. It doesnt even have unnecessary stickers of Intel Processor/Graphics Card/Apple either.

3. There is a unknown territory (Mac Commands Vs. Windows) and requires few days of learning but after that it is smooth ride. Online reference will help you get started quickly.

4. People who worry about softwares which comes only with Windows installer, look harder for Mac and you should be able to find one. Between MS Office is available for Mac OS too or you can choose OpenOffice to do your Word/Excel/Visio task at zero cost.

5. You dont have to shut down your system completely. Just close the lid and it goes into sleep mode which saves your battery more than Windows sleep. It is safe till now.

6. The power adapter is bidirectional which helps in accommodating to any situation and not struggle with it.

7. Display is very good. Processor is fast and dude you dont have to worry about unnecessary software notifications. Mac OS takes care for you that.

The list is good enough for anyone to be convinced. I just trusted one of my close friend's advise.

Take Care

Tim Cook's Speech

Thursday, August 18, 2011

US F1 VISA Interview at Chennai Consulate

"I have my US Visa interview today at 7:30 am. Its midnight and am eagerly waiting. Though I am not much worried but normal anxiety do exist. God, help me as you always did to pass this hurdle too. Gn"

After years of preparation for my Masters studies and having secured admission and done with running around for Bank Loan, it was Visa that was left in the end. You may be going to Standford after all the pain but if the Visa Officer see that you are not right fit, he can hold you down and your aspiration by a simple "NO". Hence, unless you are through VISA, it is still like a sword hanging around your neck. It means a lot specially to the ones who are genuine seeker than to those who are looking it as an opportunity to migrate to USA.

My visa was scheduled for 27th June at 7:30 am in Chennai. I reached the office at around 6 a.m. since I was traveling from Bangalore and reached Chennai early morning at 5. I waited for my turn when I could see other aspirants joining in with their files and some along with their parents. It was getting hotter and I could wish I leave asap back to Bangalore.

The security guard signaled for 7:30 a.m batch and I moved along with others. To my surprise I was not allowed to submit my bag because it had wheels in it. I was furious and got further anxious when I couldn't find any other place to secure my bag. Well, I must say "You gotta money in your pocket, you got a way out of trouble". Looks like someone sensed my trouble and offered me a place to secure my bag though he charged me 10 times of what get charged officially. I was in need and with no choice. I concurred.

After taking my token for VISA Interview and security checkups I waited for a while. Since I was early bird, I was still kept waiting since the random number calling still didn't see me. I thought, someone behind the monitor is playing with those numbers and making sure I don't come soon. Anyways, my turn came as a big relief and I swiftly moved to the queue where I was supposed to be interviewed.

I was asked general questions which I answered well and confidently. I could see I was going good and when the final words "Your Visa is approved" came, my hearts knew no bounds. I was elated. Took hold of my documents and marched quickly out of the office lest the VO changes his mind and call me back.

I could now connect the dots of the past where I was preparing for GRE, leaving my job and travel with family. Thank you Steve Jobs for this wonderful lesson.


P.S. For those keen on knowing what questions I was asked, I would say you may look into popular sites like Edulix etc for probable questions asked.

For those who want to know how to prepare for VI, I have got few suggestions.
1. Get your documents straight. I saw two candidates with missing documents and getting their VISA rejected. Though they tried hard to find in the folder they were carrying but hard luck.
2. Be Honest. Somewhere I read, only if you are honest can you be confident. Being Confident is key to clearing the interview. If you are not, you are unlikely to get through.
3. Be Calm and positive throughout.

I am Android

I am new member of Android family.  Someone welcome me or I will do so myself.

Monday, August 15, 2011

What is Indianism?

Indianness is not about the country you are born in, or the country you migrate to, it's about your identity and emphasis towards discipline, hard-work, honesty and continuous learning. The values that hold true towards tolerance, and focus on intellectual and spiritual growth. It's your ability to be a global citizen embracing diversity, and believing in peace without prejudices of language, color or skills and abilities. 
Harsha G Goolya

Its time I write about my first USA trip


I am sitting outside Fox Hall building, walking around UML Campus. I must say, its beautiful but due to summer break its a lonely place. I look around and I feel that I have made right choice. This place gives me one more opportunity to make a great life and nothing stops me. The college has not started yet but I hope it will be equally satisfying experience.

I must say USofA is not as fancy as I thought it to be sitting in India. People over here are same as people at other places with habits & problems. Not every passerby greets you, there are dirty homes, people do misuse benefits etc. But on the other hand, people are polite and cars stops for pedestrians. Everyone is on car. I thought I will be amazed by the various car models and housing but the rapid economic growth in India has equally matched with what USofA has in their streets and their homes.

Oh yes, there is one great news. There is just no air pollution & weather in summer is moderate. There were times I laughed at myself for letting go the easy life I had as an IT professional in Bangalore and choosing this new life of student where I am struggling to find a house, a phone, food to eat & jobless. I know this is just initial hiccups which one experiences due to country and cultural change. Lot of things work opposite here but I will surely adapt. This is one golden opportunity (sun is shinning very bright at the moment) & I will make the best out of it. God help me remain focused & calm.

P.S. Just wanted to add, TV is surely an idiot box here. People talk about cat rescue (I know they have started this in India too), material buying & loads of nonsense go around television. I feel it is important to be away from TV and focus on work & actual social participation. USofA has culture of Capitalism and it promotes more buying. People buy more than what they need. For eg. If I need one towel, there will be an offer where a set of four will be a more reasonable choice than just one. Anyways, I accept this country as it is as each one is different. There are loopholes in my understanding which I am sure will get filled in the days to come where I will learn more and I will come back with updated views.

Monday, August 8, 2011

This looks so right

Today I updated my profile in Linkedin as my new Title is "Graduate Student, Computer Science Department at UMass Lowell" and the first thing I felt about this new chapter of my life is"This looks so right". I was waiting for this for long and surely time has its own sweetness. I felt, "I am at the right place and I need to make the best of it". God give me strength.

Thanks to all my family and my friends who stood by me in difficult times and I share my future success with them.

Take Care all.