Thursday, August 18, 2011

US F1 VISA Interview at Chennai Consulate

"I have my US Visa interview today at 7:30 am. Its midnight and am eagerly waiting. Though I am not much worried but normal anxiety do exist. God, help me as you always did to pass this hurdle too. Gn"

After years of preparation for my Masters studies and having secured admission and done with running around for Bank Loan, it was Visa that was left in the end. You may be going to Standford after all the pain but if the Visa Officer see that you are not right fit, he can hold you down and your aspiration by a simple "NO". Hence, unless you are through VISA, it is still like a sword hanging around your neck. It means a lot specially to the ones who are genuine seeker than to those who are looking it as an opportunity to migrate to USA.

My visa was scheduled for 27th June at 7:30 am in Chennai. I reached the office at around 6 a.m. since I was traveling from Bangalore and reached Chennai early morning at 5. I waited for my turn when I could see other aspirants joining in with their files and some along with their parents. It was getting hotter and I could wish I leave asap back to Bangalore.

The security guard signaled for 7:30 a.m batch and I moved along with others. To my surprise I was not allowed to submit my bag because it had wheels in it. I was furious and got further anxious when I couldn't find any other place to secure my bag. Well, I must say "You gotta money in your pocket, you got a way out of trouble". Looks like someone sensed my trouble and offered me a place to secure my bag though he charged me 10 times of what get charged officially. I was in need and with no choice. I concurred.

After taking my token for VISA Interview and security checkups I waited for a while. Since I was early bird, I was still kept waiting since the random number calling still didn't see me. I thought, someone behind the monitor is playing with those numbers and making sure I don't come soon. Anyways, my turn came as a big relief and I swiftly moved to the queue where I was supposed to be interviewed.

I was asked general questions which I answered well and confidently. I could see I was going good and when the final words "Your Visa is approved" came, my hearts knew no bounds. I was elated. Took hold of my documents and marched quickly out of the office lest the VO changes his mind and call me back.

I could now connect the dots of the past where I was preparing for GRE, leaving my job and travel with family. Thank you Steve Jobs for this wonderful lesson.


P.S. For those keen on knowing what questions I was asked, I would say you may look into popular sites like Edulix etc for probable questions asked.

For those who want to know how to prepare for VI, I have got few suggestions.
1. Get your documents straight. I saw two candidates with missing documents and getting their VISA rejected. Though they tried hard to find in the folder they were carrying but hard luck.
2. Be Honest. Somewhere I read, only if you are honest can you be confident. Being Confident is key to clearing the interview. If you are not, you are unlikely to get through.
3. Be Calm and positive throughout.


Abhay said...

Can't forget my Chennai consulate experience. That sexy tall blonde uttering those dream shattering words "For now i am rejecting your application" :(

Amit said...

LOL..yes I remember seeing one:)

Ch4 said...

Also, never carry perfume or cosmetics into the embassy. Apparently compact powder and perfume can make a bomb!

Amit said...

Oh I see. Didn't knew that Marsha. How about through customs in airport :)

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