Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 1 @ Home

9th April 2011

Starting today I have begun my 4 months of home-stay before leaving for my studies. Today was the first day and it went mostly in getting things sorted, arranging my stuff and calling my sisters/friends.

Also, what special happened today was when I heard my mother saying "कितने टाइम के बाद कोई मुझे माँ बुला रहा है और घर में चल पहल है " (After a long time someone is calling me Mom and there is liveliness at home). It was emotional moment as I know I am returning home after 10 years though I have come in between many a times but never more than a week or 10 days but now it is for 4 months. It made me realize that how my mother too earns for the closeness of her child and how dear are we to her.

Interestingly this time, I don't see the rush for me to go and meet relatives, perform chores as it used to be earlier and it is solely because I am going to stay real long.

I also realize that I have a critical goal to achieve and without loosing my mind over random things, it needs to be planned and executed well. Again its a faith which is driving me and am sure it will turn out well.


P.S. As a writer, I would love to hear from my readers of my blog as what they think about my subjects of writeup and if they would like to see some change in it. It will help me become better. Thank You.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last few days in Bangalore

Having done with my job on 31st March, I had one week at my disposal before boarding my Train to Howrah on 7th April 2011. This one week has been deliberately chosen to give me enough time to wrap up my official work and meet my friends one last time before leaving Bangalore. I know I won't be meeting them again even if I do have plan to come back for a day or two. I will miss some of the people and the place in particular.

Bangalore, I consider as the best place for professionals in India. It is cosmopoliton & people are very accomodative and kind compared to other cities where I had trouble of being outsider or not knowing the local language. Bangalore's "Adjust Maadi" lingo makes all work easy. Also, an above average Public Transport system with newly incorporated AC Volvo buses makes it comfortable to ride distances. Being the
"Silicon Valley" of India, it is well detailed on web and you can get easy home delivery of anything . Though autorickshaws are pain sometimes but I happen to meet an honest one once and I took his number and called him eveytime I needed auto service to which he used to oblige kindly. Bangalore also has lot of nightclubs, concept restro & weekend places which helps maintain work-life balance.

So, here what I have been doing around in past few days.

Day 1 :-Friday
Met Marsha for breakfast at Daddy's Deli (A Parsian Cafe, recommended), where we chatted for long discussing topics ranging from office ass lickers, marriage, friends to opening a new business and becoming Professor. She has been very kind to get me some gifts like Mug for being Learning Catalyst and a folder which is coming in good use to me these days to carry my documents around. Thank You Marsha. I will always miss you.

Then went to my investment advisor who asked me to wait for few days before redeeming my NAV's.
Then went to Blossom Bookstore at Brigade Road where I managed to find a book on Operating Sytstem which I plan to read during my vacation time. Finding a book in an unorganized store is hell of a task.

Day 2:-Saturday
The day started with my visit to my counselor at Yashna Trust whose service I am availing for preparing me to appy to US universities. Let me be frank, if I wouldnt have their support, I doubted I would have made it this time. Very professional and years of experience. Fees is not very costly and genuine. It is affliated with USIEF. It was Visa Counselling day and I must say going for that session helped me avoid mistakes.

Later I left for Jayanagar where there was a friends meet planned. We had lunch in a restraurant but since it was the day for Final Match for Cricket World Cup so we didnt talk much over table but glued to the TV screen and following the match. Nothing helped getting us to talk. At times I was feeling little frustrated thinking its my last day and my friends give cricket more preferance over me :).

Then I left for my Mother's sister house closeby where I watched the rest of Cricket Match and celebrated India's Victory. For the first time I was howling on the streets and I didnt feel embarassed because there were other hundreds doing the same. Next morning I left for my temp stay at Marathalli.

Day 3:- I was tired and coming back home I rested for some more time and then in the evening went to meet Raghav at Garuda Mall. He was my teammate in my project for more than 1.5 yrs and I value our close bonding more as friends than colleague. I was looking for a quiet place for us to talk but it was wrong thing to wish in a shopping mall. We went to a restro in 4th floor in the mall which was little pricy. I dont mind it and I think it was worth the choice as we spent ample time talking about lot of things and then Raghav gave me an open choice to select a gift for myself on his behalf. It was tempting and  I told him that I will encash this wish later which he refused laughingly and I chose an informal Kurta for muyself. Later we parted and left for home.

Day 4: This was very hectic day I must say. It started with meeting Kishlay (my high school friend) at "The Egg Factory" (St Marks Road, recommended), were you get dishes of egg only. We enjoyed our time together, remembered some old times and talked a bit on future planning. The place was quiet and the food was good lunch. I later took Kishlay for Bangalore Darshan at M G Road and had ice-cream at Lakeview Cafe. I had wondeful time.

Later, I went to Forum mall where Manisha, Shalinee & Amrita were waiting for me. They are my school friends. Since I just came back from heavy lunch I had Lassi. We chatted for long and again remembered some old memories. Also, the news of marriage for all the three girls was broken to me. It is a different feeling I guess when you see your friends getting married. I wished them good wishes for the marraige life.

At the end of this meet, started third with Neha (Originally my friend's girlfriend). She was little dissapointed about her low score in GMAT, so we talked about how to improve it next time then about my friend on his new posting in Pune and at times about my career goals. Later we went to Bayleaf for dinner. We had great time and then we wished each other and left for homes.

Day 5:-
Day 5, started with some lethargy. I woke up late but I had VISA fee to be payed. Since I had heavy food, last night I forgo my breakfast and lunch for 2 glass of sugarcane juice. Went to Sarjapur Office of HDFC, paid my fees and then marched towards ITPL to meet Prabha and give my gift to her as token of Thank You for giving me recommendations for my school application which worked out.

Came back home but later realized that I have few items remaining in my to-do-list. Went to M G Road to get VISA photoshoot and then to a Pizzahut for my Pizza dinner. Tired and concerend if I will get bus back to room, I left Pizzahut as soon as I finished it and fortunately got into the bus which brought me directly to home.

Day 6 :-
It is tomorrow and I have some plans to be executed. It is also my last day where after that I am boarding my train. I doubt if I will be able to write about this day so I will publish it now in its present form and when ever I get time I will update this.

As said, I love Bangalore and being a Bangalorean.

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Last Day at Job

My farewell mail on second last day at Job on 30st March 2011. I will remember it my whole life.

Subject : Thank You & Farewell.


Only an end can assure a new beginning. My stint with Fidelity is coming to an end tomorrow to embark upon a new journey of pursuing MS in Computer Science. I joined here as college fresher and has come a long way which wouldn't have been possible without your support. You have played key role in grooming me as a professional.  I will fondly remember being associalted with Fun@Work team at OSG, Fidelity Cycling Group, Voice of Fidelity and Control-M trainer. These were key to my soft-skill developments. Thank You for giving me the opportunity and your guidance.

I would like to take this opportunity to remain in touch with you and request you to drop me your preferred email ID or connect via social networks mentioned below. If I can be of any help, feel free to contact.

Thank You & Wish me Luck,

Amit Choudhary
amit_krchoudhary@yahoo.com / mr.amitkc@gmail.com

Entreprenurship is an Art Not a Job

Going through my tweets, I stumbled upon this article link (Click Here) by Steve Blank. It talks about how Entreprenurs are Writers and may not be Actors.

Though I dont have any first hand experience of starting a company but I did spend somedays in building a business model and planning. I can think of new ideas, ever ready to puruse new challenges and dont care what will be tomorrow. But at the sametime I have realized that I am sloppy with execution and it left me with low opnion about myself but as Steve's says, you can be an Writers but not actors, so I take my shortcoming with pinch of possibility.

One of the initial comment that caught my attention and I felt is coming from a Horses Mouth (James Harradence) is

I agree wholeheartedly with your thought that entrepreneurship is an art. However, it can also be a discipline.
Many great artists are neither crazy nor chaotic nor addicted to the unknown. They accept the potential of failure and realize that creating newness (a sculpture or a new category of product) will require great effort and great patience.
They are also aware of the micro and macro processes at work. Not a highly detailed, granular process, but a big blocks of quantum progress process. They understand and believe, more than most people that:
1) Failure = a chance to learn (10x the learnings from success)
2) The failure & learning must stop for success to occur.
Great artists and entrepreneurs share the ability to see what should be and, either immediately or over time, being right.
Early on, they make practical mistakes and then they gain the tools to consistently make their vision reality (‘Hi, my name is Steve Jobs.’).
The chaotic ones are just immature: either as people or in their craft.
The crazy ones (and I have worked with more than one) leave more potential on the table (as a group) than they capture: avoid them is my advice.

Take Care & Enjoy!