Friday, July 30, 2010

where did the Amit I know go ...

Mr X.   Buddy .. you are letting me down ...
Amit      I know. Even I am asking the same question to myself
Mr X.   where did the Amit I know go ...
Amit    I am loosing myself day by day.
Amit    asking what am i upto.
Amit    the situation is not great.
Mr X.   time to make some friends
Mr X.   and bring some color into the life
Amit    this time Mr. X, the spirit in my life can be back only if I know I am doing something i am liking. outside changes are shortlived.
Mr X.   what is that you like
Amit    reading
Amit    working with interesting people and driving
Amit    something on my worn
Amit    own
Mr X.   then you should pursue higher studies ... or teaching ...
Amit    i tried a lot but coudlnt make to any good place.
Amit    Thank you Mr. X for your caring advices. I have fewquestions to answer in coming few days myself.

Monday, July 19, 2010

IIIT Hyderabad PGEE 2010 Aptitude, ECE and Mathematics Exam

18th April 2010, was the day for IIIT Hyderabad's post graduate entrance exam and I was one among the thousand who appeared for it. Looking at the lack of information in regard to user experience with this exam, I thought of expressing my view on it to help fellow aspirants who may wish to give this exam in coming years.

The test is divided into two sections each of 90 minute. The first 90 minute is for Aptitude test and the later is for descriptive subject based test.

Aptitude test:-
It was little surprising to me when I saw the question paper compared to what I saw in popular post about aptitude test in web. My test comprises of English Comprehension, R.S. Agarwal level Quantitative aptitude, some logical reasoning but not one from DI. There were mathematics questions from integration and differentiation, probability theory (quite a bit), differential equations, matrices etc,

The level of question does not go beyond undergraduate engineering  or R.S. Agarwal types. English comprehension may come tricky so a better preparation may help to sail through.

Mathematics :-
The syllabus may say the topics which will be covered as part of this section but trust me someone like me can easily undervalue the toughness of the question if he/she has been out of touch with academic for sometime.

The questions are little brainy type and not direct answers or formula based. I could only attempt two out of six . The application of theorems is necessary to be aware of. I am not sure what number of questions will sail me through but I guess 50% will be good enough. In regard to books, I doubt if regular engineering mathematics book can do the justice but I think, something 1 notch up will be decent.

ECE:- (I was earlier given this paper and I peeped through the questions)
It will be difficult for me to express the level of difficulty of this paper but with my first look at it I could understand that an undergraduate course revision will be sufficient to solve most of the questions. The topics covered in this paper can be found at IIIT's website. Questions like effective resistance calculation, digital electronics, transistor behavior were few of the related topics I could see there.

I think this article could be of little disappointment to few who might have come with expectations of knowing few sample questions but I would not wish to get myself into legal battle with IIIT's and hence would abhor from any attempt in that regard. My motive was to share my experience about what level of difficulty one can expect in the exam and what level of preparation one might need.

Wish you good luck,

P.S. This is my personal view, other test takers can have complete anti-view which is respectable and possible. Please let me know your views and drop in questions if any. Also, I didnt get through the exam when the result came. Looks like Maths is not a great choice to take.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am moving to new Place :)

To be in the same address for 27 months and no partner is hell lot of private time. Its time I move out and embrace change and excitement its gonna bring with it.