Friday, July 30, 2010

where did the Amit I know go ...

Mr X.   Buddy .. you are letting me down ...
Amit      I know. Even I am asking the same question to myself
Mr X.   where did the Amit I know go ...
Amit    I am loosing myself day by day.
Amit    asking what am i upto.
Amit    the situation is not great.
Mr X.   time to make some friends
Mr X.   and bring some color into the life
Amit    this time Mr. X, the spirit in my life can be back only if I know I am doing something i am liking. outside changes are shortlived.
Mr X.   what is that you like
Amit    reading
Amit    working with interesting people and driving
Amit    something on my worn
Amit    own
Mr X.   then you should pursue higher studies ... or teaching ...
Amit    i tried a lot but coudlnt make to any good place.
Amit    Thank you Mr. X for your caring advices. I have fewquestions to answer in coming few days myself.

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