Tuesday, August 31, 2010

EAT PRAY LOVE : A divorced woman journey within.

After keeping a hold on this article on my desktop for nearly a week, I decided to take it up and not let the length of the article deter me anymore.

The writer summarize the story of movie EAT PRAY LOVE and how a single divorced woman Gilbert, seeks spirituality to help her life come over the depression. The movie is described as a light hearten with emphasis on complex emotions but with cliche romantic story. I look forward to watch as I love Julia Robert :). The link of the complete NewYorker article is mentioned below. You may find it interesting.

Article Link

Happy Reading.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Every time an Engineer Joins Google, A Startup Dies

Few days past, I happen to stumble upon a business article dealing with Entrepreneurship. The writer analyze the situation of poor VC fund returns and blame it to the depleting bright minds in startup business and loosing them to established fat paying corporates. I support the view of the author and would like to hear what is your say? The link to article is mentioned below.

In the plethora of feedback comments till now, I loved Becky's Comment mentioned below to ease your time of finding it out in original writeup.

I agree. Young people want security. We have wrung risk taking out of our children's lives beginning in the crib. My cousin convinced her son to take the job with benefits and security (or so she thought) instead of the one that seemed more interesting. While a middle aged person would be more interested in health insurance, etc. it seems absolutely silly that a young person would determine to stunt their growth by succumbing to the idea they have to have complex health plans. Starting a venture and being creative requires risk taking. The free market always encouraged innovation and small companies are more flexible and adaptable to new economies. It has been said that integrity requires 3 things: discernment (knowledge of a subject), taking a position, taking a risk acting on that postition. I have also noticed that creativity requires 3 things that are closely related: learning or gaining basic knowledge, deciding to do something, and taking a risk. For the creative individual, whether in the arts, literature or technology, etc., the possiblilty of public failure and humiliation is scary. 

Being at mid-twenties and the urge to let go my regular job to start something of own is hard to repress but doubts cloud the mind with lot of ifs and buts. I hope some day I will burst through these doubts and take my plunge to mysteries.

Wish me Luck and Happy Reading.


How to use an One Touch Ultra 2 Glucometer (with narrator)

Going through this video could possibly give you an impression that I am going through diabetes sort of but Thank God its not true.

Recently my aunt asked me to help her out with her glucose meter which I had no operating knowledge. With a good intention of not using my tricky skill to learn it hands-on and cause damage to the equipment, I told her that I will first educate myself and then teach her. Following day, I was crawling through the web but after lot of poor videos I landed upon this one which was far better than others and have good demonstration of how to use glucose meter. With the view of saving others time on this I am posting it here. Hope it comes in use to some.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ro-busters Poem

I happen to write a poem for my team during upcoming office off-site on Monday. It is my first attempt to write something like this and would love to hear your views on this:-

Here to save the Good against Bad

Dont Go, Dont Trick. Swipe Your Card
Lest you forget it, Walk back because

Here to save the Good against Bad

Know how much you gonna eat, Know how much you wont
Lest you throw it, think again because

Here to save the Good against Bad

Be merry, be friendly. Have Fun together
Lest you cross the limit, you not gonna be spared because

Here to save the Good against Bad

When Fire Alarm alerts, Walk swiftly to safe zone
Lest you still sit and code, We will kick your butt because

Here to save the Good against Bad

:) I think, by this time my dear readers will be searching for dustbin to vomit :D. I am sorry :P.