Friday, August 13, 2010

How to use an One Touch Ultra 2 Glucometer (with narrator)

Going through this video could possibly give you an impression that I am going through diabetes sort of but Thank God its not true.

Recently my aunt asked me to help her out with her glucose meter which I had no operating knowledge. With a good intention of not using my tricky skill to learn it hands-on and cause damage to the equipment, I told her that I will first educate myself and then teach her. Following day, I was crawling through the web but after lot of poor videos I landed upon this one which was far better than others and have good demonstration of how to use glucose meter. With the view of saving others time on this I am posting it here. Hope it comes in use to some.


Punit Tiwari said...

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Tejal Shinde said...

When I purchased first time, it's very difficult to use Glucometer first time..
Thank you for adding How to use Glucometer ?
Thank you for adding the video also..