Saturday, August 20, 2016

Why America is politically correct?

This was just a thought in my head and I was like.. "Let's see what the internet thinks about this?" and I came across a very promising results .

Google Search Results

When you see that you are no alone thinking this manner, it does give some relief that it is a common thought and that to question it is important instead of following it blindly.

I have some examples (Dunkin Donut Lady etc) which I would like to talk about in detail here but keeping it as placeholder for now due to my other priorities. I am leaving you with this thought so that we can have a far deeper conversation when we both come back with little bit more time and clear thoughts.


Friday, August 5, 2016

Quality of Life in Software Engineering World

What does it mean to have a Quality of Life (QoL) for a Software Developer?

Until now, I say I would say.. be able to balance work and personal life.. be able to have a free weekend with family and friends is what would constitute QoL. Well, I have learnt some lessons today.

I am working on 4 node cluster which I need to work through deployment process for all of them. Means.. run the same bunch of scripts through all 4 nodes. In my old world, I would have done it like grandfather style by going to each terminal one by one and then executing them. I can say.. a ten step would effectively be 40 steps. You will be spending N *  # of Steps times the amount of time doing the same thing.

Today I discovered CSSH : Cluster Administration Tool. As usual when I first came across it, I tried and it didn't work. My first thought was, "Will get back to you later". Then, I realized that I need to finish this task before I move on to others and that made me go look back the installation steps again. I found few Perl packages where missing. I was again feeling annoyed but chugged along to get them all install one by one. When I finally got it all done, I wasn't feeling superbly great. Then I played with it for a while and suddenly realized that the tool is a great comfort and big time saver when it comes to doing the kind of task I am doing right now. My whole processing took less than 30 mins and I already feel very comfortable using it. I don't think I can go back the old model unless I am forced to.

I also learnt that even though I have to spent some time to get the QoL tool setup, this is a big saving in future. Maybe looking at it more small cost for big saving is the way to look at it. This saving of time can be employed to other task and make myself more efficient.

Enough about it now.

Bye now.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

How can I say something silly?

Yesterday at dinner time, myself and my parents where having dinner and that's when a thought came to me that I knew would make my mom smile. My mind said.. No you cannot talk silly stuff. My other mind said.. Well, if its going to bring a smile to my mom's face.. why not. I looked at her having dinner in quietude and said to myself that I am not going to lose this moment of happiness and blurted out. Both my mom and dad laughed out loud. I enjoyed it too and the dinner became much more delicious and lively.

Pay attention to mind.. it plays with you even when you have no idea. It is not you.. its someone else who is there making you do stuff your other self may not wish to do. Don't follow your thoughts blindly because it could be the other mind speaking to you at the moment :).