Thursday, March 21, 2013

What do I dream for future?

This is a common question which we all stumble upon at some point or the other. I guess this is what drives people to do big things in life. I have been asking myself this question ever since I could remember to remember. For now I am following things in my mind:-

  1. I have interest in writing and plan to write a book and maybe turn to full time writer (making sure that I have enough savings to live on while I am out of job :D).
  2. I wish to become a Software Architect.
  3. I wish to start a software business because I love computers and how wicked smart they are.
  4. I wish to win Ironman. Google it if you are hearing it for first time.
  5. I wish to support at least one under privileged girl child through her entire education.
  6. I want to make sure my family has a decent comfortable life and I am with them when they need me. I guess sometimes I think how much my parents have sacrificed their own life for my well being and how they are usually under recognized.
  7. I want to grow spiritually and know myself better.
  8. I want to help as many people as I could with what I have to give.
  9. I want to read more, think more and interact with diverse set of minds.
  10. Make a small difference in society. I don't mind if no one notices it as long as I am convinced about it.

Note : I am really good with making things happen if I truly believe in it.

Let's wait and watch.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I love thee Computer Science.

I was asking myself this question in the morning while I was sitting in the lab preparing for the upcoming test in OPL (Organization of Programming Language or SICP as popularly known). I looked around my lab and I saw large number of students glued to the systems and some even smiling while staring at it. Not sure if it is some crazy code bug they resolved or Harlem Shake. :)

Anyways, the feeling keeps coming back to me again and again that I do enjoy studying Computer Science and the variety of topics we talk in this field. It is not limited with one field of Software Development but it practically goes to any nook and corner where you could see a computer being employed for use. I just read how NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques are used in law firm. Crazy, isn't it. Also, considering this is one of the youngest field of science, there are many young minds who are working in this field and there is still lot to be achieved before we call it a day.

Computer Science is one field which welcomes with open arms people from different background ranging from farmers to investment bankers and if you know/ learn little bit of programming  (python could be a great place to start) you are holding a key to the door to this massive opportunities. It just enables you look at things more deeper.

These days I am trying to get my nephews who are in 8th and 5th grade to learn some basic programming skills. You could say that I am trying to guide their interest towards my side but not really. I am just exposing them to ideas and I will leave it to them whether they want to pursue it as a career or not. At the end they will have enough information to at least make a decision. Since they are in India and I am in US, it is difficult for me to teach them so I will try to make some basic programming videos for them to learn Python programming language. Let's see where does this idea goes.

Not sure if I told you guys but this is my last semester as Masters student at UMass Lowell (I wish I could extend it by another year) and I am quite ready to look for jobs. If you know any good job in States, do let me know. You can message me at achoudha@cs.uml.edu . I want to make sure that the next place I land as job is a great match of employer and myself. So hope for the best :).

Wish you all a wonderful life and I hope you too find something in your life you truly enjoy.

Take Care.