Thursday, March 21, 2013

What do I dream for future?

This is a common question which we all stumble upon at some point or the other. I guess this is what drives people to do big things in life. I have been asking myself this question ever since I could remember to remember. For now I am following things in my mind:-

  1. I have interest in writing and plan to write a book and maybe turn to full time writer (making sure that I have enough savings to live on while I am out of job :D).
  2. I wish to become a Software Architect.
  3. I wish to start a software business because I love computers and how wicked smart they are.
  4. I wish to win Ironman. Google it if you are hearing it for first time.
  5. I wish to support at least one under privileged girl child through her entire education.
  6. I want to make sure my family has a decent comfortable life and I am with them when they need me. I guess sometimes I think how much my parents have sacrificed their own life for my well being and how they are usually under recognized.
  7. I want to grow spiritually and know myself better.
  8. I want to help as many people as I could with what I have to give.
  9. I want to read more, think more and interact with diverse set of minds.
  10. Make a small difference in society. I don't mind if no one notices it as long as I am convinced about it.

Note : I am really good with making things happen if I truly believe in it.

Let's wait and watch.


Anonymous said...

I miss being this optimistic..

Amit said...

I think college helps in big way to infuse new energy and revive the spirit. :).