Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 1 @ Home

9th April 2011

Starting today I have begun my 4 months of home-stay before leaving for my studies. Today was the first day and it went mostly in getting things sorted, arranging my stuff and calling my sisters/friends.

Also, what special happened today was when I heard my mother saying "कितने टाइम के बाद कोई मुझे माँ बुला रहा है और घर में चल पहल है " (After a long time someone is calling me Mom and there is liveliness at home). It was emotional moment as I know I am returning home after 10 years though I have come in between many a times but never more than a week or 10 days but now it is for 4 months. It made me realize that how my mother too earns for the closeness of her child and how dear are we to her.

Interestingly this time, I don't see the rush for me to go and meet relatives, perform chores as it used to be earlier and it is solely because I am going to stay real long.

I also realize that I have a critical goal to achieve and without loosing my mind over random things, it needs to be planned and executed well. Again its a faith which is driving me and am sure it will turn out well.


P.S. As a writer, I would love to hear from my readers of my blog as what they think about my subjects of writeup and if they would like to see some change in it. It will help me become better. Thank You.


praVeen said...

Dude, congrats for your studies, Your family must be really proud now :)

Amit said...

Thanks Praveen. It is indeed a moment of joy for all my friends and families. I have been waiting for this for long.

How you doing man? Long time.

Take Care.