Monday, August 29, 2011

I love you Mac

Its been just few days(Got on 8/26, today is 08/29) since I got my first apple product Apple MacBook Pro and I am already loving it. Couple of things makes it amazingly wonderful.

1. Mac OS is a Linux Flavor which makes it virus free and fast. I always wanted to move out of Windows due to its pricing and too much control over user.

2. MacBook Pro is no nonsense system. It doesnt even have unnecessary stickers of Intel Processor/Graphics Card/Apple either.

3. There is a unknown territory (Mac Commands Vs. Windows) and requires few days of learning but after that it is smooth ride. Online reference will help you get started quickly.

4. People who worry about softwares which comes only with Windows installer, look harder for Mac and you should be able to find one. Between MS Office is available for Mac OS too or you can choose OpenOffice to do your Word/Excel/Visio task at zero cost.

5. You dont have to shut down your system completely. Just close the lid and it goes into sleep mode which saves your battery more than Windows sleep. It is safe till now.

6. The power adapter is bidirectional which helps in accommodating to any situation and not struggle with it.

7. Display is very good. Processor is fast and dude you dont have to worry about unnecessary software notifications. Mac OS takes care for you that.

The list is good enough for anyone to be convinced. I just trusted one of my close friend's advise.

Take Care

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Abhay said...

congrats you have successfully moved one step closer to being american :D