Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stanza for a lost FRIEND

Somewhere I was wrong
Somewhere I should have more understanding
Life is full of studies, And
I am still studying.

The above stanza I had written for a friend of mine (GT), in year 2004 to express how the mistake done was unintentional and how immature I was. Well, I finally lost her but I wish I could have made her understand and we could have reconciled. Her friendship is among the most cherished one. To be with her was fun. She was my first girl friend (not love type) and I learned a lot about myself and about feminine nature.

GT, if you happen to read this please understand that I would love to be your friend again any day & any time. Where ever you are, I wish the best of world for you and wish our path cross someday.

Good Bye,

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