Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to secure 1300 in GRE

Note : I am posting this incomplete post and not wait any longer for a well-written blog because the message I wanted to convey are clear and it could do more good than harm.Its been more than a year I wrote GRE and hence the current changed pattern could ask for different outlook.

I got 1290 in GRE and it was not easy for me. I had tough time remembering vocabulary and here's how I think you could get that too. Obviously, if you need 1400 plus, my talisman might not work for you. Look elsewhere.

  • You don't need to mug up 3000 Barrons Word.  I find it disgusting and useless. The list of words in Princeton-Review and Kaplan books are good enough.
  • Read minimum five articles one each from Business, Philosophy, History, Art and Literature domain per week. The more you read, the more ideas you get for your writing and it helps in your vocabulary too.
  • Practice Practice Practice. It was, It is and It will be true for ever. You may disagree but wait till your bitter experience tells you the same.
  • Practice from ETS Powerprep, ETS GRE Book and Kaplan. There's very high chances that you will get 10% plus minus in your final score compared to what you get in your practice PowerPrep. If you get bad score in practice, it won't harm to change your strategy even two day before exam but you have to be honest about where you going wrong. Just BLUNT HONEST.
  • First Few questions matter and not last few.
  • You will fail in your first practice test but don't loose heart. Give your second four days before Final, then you know what you need to change in coming four days if you need different result.
  • Time yourself. Partition time based on sections and questions. Like, you will spend 15 mins for first 10 questions but 7 mins for last ten questions etc and get it right. I made a mistake and wasn't able to answer last question in maths and I think leaving it blank harms you more than wrong answer in last few questions.
Hope it helps.

I am thankful to many of my friends and online blogs who have shared their experiences and it helped me do better. My small payback to the helping community.

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