Thursday, January 27, 2011

Should NRI Teachers come back to India to teach.

The Times of India article of "India scouts for faculty among bright NRIs" it is being discussed of roping in Indian embassies for attracting NRI's settled in foreign countries back to India with the lure of teaching their brothers and sisters back home and give back to society. IIMB has already been on hiring spree and IIT's are adapting similar techniques.The single comment by Balasaheb (USA) on this article has drawn my interest to blog about it :-
I have been going to India as a visiting faculty to give lectures on specific topics to Medical College students and faculty. My experience is not very good. In a few places the intellectual level may be high but in most places the faculty has no motivation to remain up to date in their fields, introduce innovative teaching methods or integrate subject matter to provide better understanding of the subject. The curriculum rarely gets revised. Interaction among various departments is nonexistent. Overall my view is that in most colleges teaching is very old style and interest in doing research is almost absent. So my advice is that before you make a move on a permanent basis think twice, investigate the track record of the institution you are planning to go. Local politics is very bad and it will be very difficult for those who have been on the faculty of US schools to get adjusted to the limitless bureaucratic administration that is so ingrained in higher education in India. There are only a few exceptions.

Faculty shortage is no new thing and lack of enthusiasm in teachers is wide spread. Students lack the motivation to do research or basic project without peeping into others work. Changing the mindset of students is a big challenge as most of them desire of well paying job and learning comes second priority. Anyone who wish to come to this country surely need to be mentally strong to fight amongst odds and still rise among it. It is daunting and discouraging but I am sure the satisfaction of achievement will be at least 10 folds.

I understand that each one of us should give back to society. People especially expect this from NRI's thinking they have made big bucks and should be socialist enough to share a few with others. I fail to understand that why do we not consider it of priority for people already in the country and why only to few who have settled abroad. Each one wish comfort and there is no wrong if few among them have ditched the country for their selfish reason because there are still millions who have looted the country by staying here itself and have done very little for anyone outside their kith n kin.

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