Friday, March 23, 2012

Brown Skirt

Brown skirt with white berries on it.
She is quiet and intense.
Always sitting equidistant from me.
Confusing me, is it love of the furniture or me.

She looks up, catching a glimpse of what's around.
Holding a water can and sipping as if making an excuse.
Studious she is, Immersed in her work.
Scanning the pages and reading sometimes.

At times she hold her pink pen wondering what to write
Scribbling a bit here, a bit there.
Taking a deep breath, as if the long journey has ended.
Only to bring a brief smile on her face.

I tried speaking to her, each time took step back
Fearing, what if she stop coming.
I fail to focus but I know she is far.
Far from being mine, far from being yours.


Anonymous said...

I like :D

Amit said...

Thank you Marsha :). I feel little embarrassed because it is so childish :D.

I find poems to be capable of explaining difficult situation lucidly and could create an imagination of its own. I am inspired by this TED Talk:-