Thursday, February 7, 2013

How does my last semester of MS looks like?

Yupp, this is indeed my last semester of my MS studies. I must say, its been a great learning experience and a memorable moment for life. Though this semester is equally hectic like others more so because I have job hunting to do together with my studies.

Here's how my schedule looks like
  1. Organization of Programming Languages - MWF
  2. Database - II - T
  3. Advance Visualization - TR
  4. Part time job - 20 hr/week
  5. Committed for half-marathon happening on 12th May'13 at RI. Need to train myself for that.
  6. Job Interviews Preparation - 2 hrs everyday.
  7. Rest of the time to Eat, Sleep & Pray :).
  8. Also, a secret project which I will talk about once its done. It has to do with writing.

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