Monday, June 3, 2013

Second Child

If you have a child, you got to nourish them and gradually make them strong and self sustainable. It is true even for pet project which people start because each new project needs nourishment and commitment. In 2007 beginning, I started with this blog with no idea where this will go but today I have total 261 article (some in unpublished mode, don't ask why :)) and a 13K+ visitor count till now with average of 400 visitors per month.

I could have never imagined that I will come so far with this experiment of mine but today I don't feel its anything outside of me. It seems like one of my identity. It come very natural to me when I have something to write, I just write. I don't cajole myself to open up the browser and don't bribe myself with  brownie treats if I finish what I start. It just happens naturally.

So, now I have got another child to raise. Since my first child is 6 year old, I don't have spend too much time on it and it is self sustainable. The second child of mine is my github profile  (If you are not sure what I am talking, read the PS.. if you are sure.. keep reading). Yes, its been a while I started it but not really paying attention to it. But due to my recent job hunt scenario, I realized that having my work for view to potential employers might help me gain some credit points where resume fails. Personally I would any day prefer a working code example over set of big claims on paper. Hence this project. Also, I think its a wonderful thing to do because now I am able to share my work with public and if there's anything of use to them, they can use it. It means, this is my own open source project and I am fine with people using it. Going ahead I plan to do some more independent projects and trace it over github so that others can participate with me if they wish to.

Well, its interesting to see that my first child is helping me grow as writer or nourish my writing skills which I completely enjoy, my second child is helping me to nourish the computer geek in me and yes I enjoy programming too. I had my first computer when I was in sixth grade. It was Intel 686 with 2 GB Hard Disk and 4 MB ram and 1.5" floppy disk. I have always enjoyed programming and the second child will help me grow in this dimension.

I guess I am handful now and before I decide to take up a third child (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been really good with this and I really respect them), I will wait for both of them to be good and self sustainable. Till then, wish me Happy Parenting :).

github is sort of public archives for programmers. Programmers like me can post their work here for public view. They can also work with others and collaborate in project. It's a great way to build a portfolio to showcase your skills and instill a sense of confidence to your prospective employer of your coding abilities and that you have some good experience. I see that specially in US, a lot hiring managers these days ask for github profile if one has any. My roommate got his summer internship solely based on this projects he posted on github. Its like you are going for a chef job interview and during the interview you make a nice wanton soup for your interviewer. Guess what, he wouldn't have as much question as he had before to screen you. :) Good luck.

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