Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dasvidanya sued for copyright violation

I never realized how could someone steal my story without my consent. Do you know any lawyer ?

Dasvidanya, is story of my life. It is about me and my "Things to Do" habit. Not every morning but yes quite frequently I make my "Things to do" list which may comprise of post-it notes or notepad document on my office desktop. Also, I swear how closely the writer peeped into my personal life and noted it's minute details.

I have a 4 girls in my life who became a part of it and I cannot clear the impressions they left. It reminds me of how I still feel about one of my school day girl, the one for whom I fought with my competitor in class 5 and even got thrashings from my class teacher with badminton racket. I adore her till today. The office life of Mr. Amar reminds me of my complacent nature of agreeing to most of people and never fighting for my own right. I was never weak but non-violence became my nature without even me noticing it. Actor wishes reminds me of my own which I hold to myself and how they have taken back seat and grooming my career took front. My first wish to learn painting, my second to go and study at IIT, learning tabla, guitar, violin , keeping good health with regular excercise and so on have become unknown to my life. How I neglected the beauty of nature and hardly remember when I saw last sun rise or sun set. My family and my friends are great asset in my life and how I silently adore them in darkness. My brother, who is more than just a blood relation but more of my friend and my love for him is as much as a mother have for her child.

The anger that lies dormant in him, the smile that covers most of his face all time and a restless mind is the characterestic of Amar. The wish for Foreign trip holds close to both of the hearts. I am speechless. I am dumb not knowing how to react or what transformation should I bring to my life to make it truly lively else rightly commented, "You died long back, this chart is just the print out"

Dasvidanya :)

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