Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weight Loss, I swear.

After going through my general body check-up I was told that the medical parameters of my body are fit but the high body weight mars the good. I weigh 80 Kg (176 lbs) while the right scale should be 63 Kg (138 lbs) wrt to my height. Like most, I never liked my extra weight but with few attempts when I didn't see the scale budging on lower side, I lost the motivation. Few days back I attended Nutrition Seminar in my office which made me realize the forbidden path I am walking (the pic of man above) due to lack of physical activity and as a fear of that I started jogging in the campus of Agriculture College near my House. I loved the campus. Big, calm and clean.

With two occasions advising me the same formula, one at seminar and the other at doctor's clinic and with days of contemplation I have learnt few things which I would like to share with my readers and also use it as an easy reference for myself. Disagreements are welcome.

1. Health is not like permanent. It goes under constant modifications. If we eat daily, we need to exercise daily too. The natural behavior of the body is to do physical activity which our ancestors where duly involved in but we are lacking considering our desk-jobs and laziness. To bridge the gap, morning jog, running. gym etc have been devised but they need perseverance (as we don't die if we don't exercise for few days unlike food) and motivation to continue for long.

2. Second most important myth that got busted is, You still have to exercise even if you are fit as the chances of stepping into the unfit zone is high and most time we might not even come to know it. Also, if we are fit and we do exercise, it doesn't mean that we going to get thinner and weak but the food we intake will decide our body physqiue.

3. If I am fit, my morality will be high and I will be confident to take up higher responsibilities aim for higher achievement in life. Yesterday I saw the interview of a lady who started Montessori after she started doing Yoga regularly and gained confidence.

4. It is easy to scoff the importance of physical exercise for 20's which will only get materialize at 40's when we will not have enough strength to regain it back completely.

5. My doctor used a wonderful word in his sentence when I told him that I go for weekend cycle ride. He said, "Being a Weekend Warrior will not help. You have to be doing exercise at least 5 days a week". This points our another reality that maintaining good health is like rolling stone up-hill. You roll the stone half-way and then leave it, it is going to come back to foothill and the same applies to body. A month of exercise can only help me pass few levels but if I leave it unattended its gonna come back to Level 0. And with progressing age it will be more and more difficult to roll the stone uphill in future. The earlier the better. Another interesting thing is, after reaching top we cannot get complacent as the top end is pointed and to balance the stone on it needs continuous watch and the same applies to our body.

I dream to participate in Marathon & Triathlon and be in Top 10% list and it is not possible with my belly stomach and low stamina. First and foremost effort is in being Fit and Healthy.

I wish Healthy and Fit life to you and your family too.

With Love,


Abhay said...

You forgot to mention most enjoyable exercise... Swimming!!!!!!!!! i have been doing it regularly from last 3 months and started seeing results. but the most thing is you hardly feel you are exercising...Its refreshing :)

Amit said...

Wow.. you started swimming.. must be all the pools water had splashed out on ur first dip.. How is it now ? :P