Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Economics Calling :P

For past few days I got interested in understanding economics of China considering both India  (my  home country) and China started at same point and at present it is way ahead of India in terms of attention the world is giving it at least.

Sometime back I read an article where in its comments section  someone wrote "If ever there was any competition between India and China, it is no more and China is sure winner". This comment was the trigger point for me to start my exploration. Moreover, I hold an opinion that if you build your masonry by ill treating your laborers, it is only going to crumble down sooner than when you have made your progress with a little bit of socialist approach. A pure communist or capitalist attitude only hurts in long run and create moral conflicts(nor do I say that pure socialist approach would work as I have read about it wrt my own country and how ineffective it is). My stand on China Economics is as good as new born baby's view on God and  my journey has just begun.

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