Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am loving it.

I started my blog in the year Jan 2007 with a Welcome post and then my second post after 2 years in Dec 2008, I realized that I am not a sort of writer. In Dec 2008, I worked with one of my friend (Marsha) to help her resurrect her dead blog which till today she has been writing profusely which caught my attention. After few talks I asked her what motivates her to write so much and why is she not advertising about her blog to friends via different modes. She responded "I write it for myself and I don't wish to advertise it". That was quite contrary to what my thinking had been. After writing any post, I used to send mailers to my friends to check it out and send their review comments. Some complied most never bothered and as a result I discontinued after sometime thinking its a waste of time.

Well, after I got enlightened and adopted my friend's motto, I have been writing as much time as I could scoop out of my daily schedule. 48 Post since Dec 2008 and counting is not a bad number considering I have another 49 post in draft mode which are little personal or half written or thought about. 

Marsha has been quite a motivation for me since then. She  experiments a lot around her blog and keep it neat which keeps me on my toe  and  helps me keep evolving. Thank You dear.

With the months of writing, I have surely gained lot of confidence with writing clear and with little humor though my English grammar still sucks. It has always been pain in the ass, but I am hopeful :). With the success of one of my post which received some 200 views in 6 hrs (Thanks to fellow writer Deepa Mohan for referring my post on her page), it was like a big World Cup Trophy for me :P. 

At present I am still sloppy with my grammar  but try to write a coherent essay. I don't want to trade the fun of writing with  the aim to attract readers as I am sure it  will  sap my honest motivation and I will slowly fade away like before. I am Tortoise and so is my pace and if you are Hare, I will meet you soon :D

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