Sunday, June 5, 2011

So what if we have waitlisted tickets.

The atmosphere at home is of humor, leg-pulling, critical and have-faith-in-god type. It is real fun to see it happening to us and my dad (who otherwise would have frowned), is smiling too.

The event at home is, we are prepared to embark on our annual long distance trip and this time its to Jaipur, Amritsar & Dharamsala. Well, the tickets for this trip has been carefully planned and booked 2 months in advance only to discover yesterday that our first journey railway from Dhanbad to Jaipur is still waitlisted and has not yet buzzed even by one while others are confirmed. You may call us fool of not noticing it earlier but home has been a busy place in the past one month with visits from relatives and all of us busy entertaining them. I guess the ignorance of our waitslisted ticket has got to do with 2,3,4,5 waiting we got and the high chances we thought it will be approved resulted in non-registration of "Waitlist" in our memory and we were too happy to notice nitty gritty details of ticket later.

Now the situation is, we have got another class of tickets called "Tatkal" in waitlisted but with higher probability of getting confirmed. My brother is heading for Kolkata to make sure he start negotiating with TC (Ticket Checker), from the starting point of Train incase they dont get automatically confirmed.

I guess, I have already confused you with my situation but its not your fault. That's the nature of it and we are totally standing as one family with one-opinion to go about it and surely more than normal faith in God's magic :).

Anyways, we have got all our luggage ready, foods, camera and magazines ready and will wait for the signs of confirmation of tickets and march towards railway station with aura of victory and smiles ear to ear.

Isn't it Fun :D.

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