Sunday, November 13, 2011

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

For past few days I was going downhill with my studies. Not focusing right. Loosing the big goal. All this because I didn't do right in one mid-term paper. Before that, I was all charged up ready to take on the world but later that incident, things changed. I started sleeping late, under utilizing my time and was thinking of easy aims and finding fault with US education system(Will talk about it in detail sometime later).

I spoke to him few minutes ago and explained him my situation. He said, If subject XYZ is causing all the pain and making you loose focus, let it go to waste. Don't let one subject ruin your aspiration and life. He gave eg. of a painter (He himself is a wonderful cartoonist), and said, "In Painting, if you are painting one with utmost care but happen to make one mistake, it ruin your all hard work and many a times people just give up because of this failure. Let this not happen to you. You should not get discouraged with one subject but you should keep working towards other subjects and do well in them". He said, if I could cross the threshold and get admission to MIT/Harvard/Stanford for my PhD., my life will become wonderful and worthwhile. Also, I should not entertain the thoughts of "Should I really do PhD?" but do all my preparation as though I really want to be at such elite university for my PhD and then I will see the difference of attitude.

America could be a lonely place for someone who comes from country like India where there are social linkages even between neighbors and you could just go to them and talk without being bothered of invading personal space. There are times I miss such wonderful friends who would just know what I need when I am down. As said, I have some true friends indeed.

Good Night.

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