Friday, April 20, 2012

The future of formal education is exciting.

If you have been on the disadvantage side of receiving quality education and great teachers, you will not regret living in this century.

With the onset of many quality online course providers like https://www.coursera.org/  or http://www.udacity.com/ , you can learn close to what student at elite schools learn. This is just the beginning and I anticipate further revolution where the entire education will happen sitting at home via internet.

I want to share my experience with the very first course that was announced last year. It was Artificial Intelligence by two Stanford Professors Peter Norvig & Sebastian Thurn (the autonomous car DARPA challenge man). It was a great experience to learn from the leaders and I specially enjoyed the applicability of the teachings I had. They did fine job in explaining each topic in detail and supporting each idea with a real life example and not just some hypothesis.

I look forward to taking many more courses online as I know they are worth the time and they are best and free(how can I forget that). I am thrilled to be born in this generation where education is getting democratized and I can compete with the best in the world which otherwise I couldn't.

I would encourage you  have a look at both the links and start this wonderful journey of learning from masters with one course of your interest. Its gonna be fun and maybe we could have a google hangout where you could share your excitement with me and motivate me to take classes with you. I would say that would be a perfect date :D.

Take Care.

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