Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Entry.

Her White Nails
Her White Nails with red paint
Her White Toes
Her White Toes with Colorful Sandals

You could say summer has started
Or could say summer is anticipated
Either way, she is excited
Excited she is

Prepared to go for a long walk
Prepared to let her hair play with air
She is waiting for semester to end and summer to begin
for she could lie on ground, with toes shining red and hair brown

There is sadness in her eyes, for she could see through windows
Kids playing on the ground
Reminding to her
How joyful was she then.

The imagination took her to one moment
With father in a nearby park
She swinging on a rope
While him pushing from the back

Tears come to her eyes
For he is no more near
To push her higher
To hold her tight

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