Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Friend

My Friend

When I am sad, I think of you
When I am happy, I think of you
The longing for you is ever
The sight of you is joy forever

We started as journeymen in school bus
Sharing few minutes of joy
From home to school and back
Waiting each day holding your seat

One day you said, "I like him"
I confronted, "No you cannot, because I like him more"
You grimly suggested. "Ok..Morning yours, Night mine"
and I said.."No. Night is mine"

In many occasions we fought
In each of them we reconciled
Compromising on few, Laughing on rest
Never we separated

One day, You moved on,
You changed school, 
You changed home
Leaving me alone

At times, I wait outside my house
Looking far left, Hoping for your return
Thereby we could be together
We could be friends forever


Guddu said...

Good one. This post reminded me of one of my close frnds. She and I were inseparable.

Amit said...

Indeed we all remember our good friends :).