Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to choose school for MS in US

A friend of mine sent a mail asking me to shortlist the university from the big list he sent me for MIS Program and this was my response.

Now that's a tough question because I am not in that program but MIS is more of management studies in IT and people end up becoming Business Analyst.

There are few factors on which the college should be decided. The order is in priority.
  1. Availibility of courses of interest.
  2. Availability of Prof. in area of interest.
  3. Proximity to Companies of Interest as this will help to get internships and thereafter job.
  4. Ranking of University : A higher rank will make you look lucrative and get you more intellectual campus crowd.
Look into these and then decide any college. Its an important decision.
Sorry I am not of much help in this. Hope you understand.

Hope it helps few.
Take Care

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