Thursday, January 15, 2009

KnowHow Air Kiss :)

The wikipedia starts with "The air kiss is a ritual or social gesture whose meaning is basically the same as that of many forms of kissing." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_kiss). This act of kissing is mostly seen in movies and in celebrity shows where the two parties do some strange act of kissing in air. I was never interested to know about it until the moment which made me to do some brief research on its details.

An old friend of mine is expected to see me and I will be meeting her after long time. After completing a brief planning of her visit, I came across a strange doubt. "Should I hug her or should I just handshake her ?"

I don't want to get too close to her and make the situation uncomfortable for both of us and nor do I want to give her cold welcome. Then a sudden idea of the "strange act" came to my mind. After doing some Google on the world wide web I came across this video which very lucidly explains the theory and demonstrates elegantly the idea of kissing in air. I am sure everyone of us might come across a similar dilemma someday but take my word, this social gesture is not at all rough but a very educated way to express your warm welcome to the other party.

I am herein posting the 70% video as my free video converter do not allow 100% conversion. The link of the video is at the bottom and you can use that to see the remaining..

Please do leave a comment on what is your idea of this situation and how would you react to it. Well, let me see how it turns out in my case ;)

Check out the video here :)

Click here to go access the complete wiki article and video

Happy Kissing...Muaaaah !!


Snowbrush said...

Great video.

I am a hugger, but most guys are handshakers, so I go with the flow. Too, hugging is more intimate than shaking, and so I agree that shaking is better with people I don't know well.

I saw a brother-in-law this summer after not seeing him for years. I hugged him upon meeting, but he stuck out his hand upon parting purposefully to keep me from moving in for a hug. I had to laugh. I think he's probably more than a little homophobic.

Mayank said...

Whether to hug or shake hands will depend on how good a frined she is to me n if she's open minded or conservative . Problem which i see in your idea of Air Kiss is , the other person also got to hv knowledge of it. And most probably she wld not have done googling on whether 2 hug or handshake her old mate Amit :P
well jokes apart , do tell ur readers how it went :)