Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SMS 90088 90088 & Know Directions

Ever wondered you can get directions to a place just by SMSing a message. Yes, its true for now. LATLONG is one such service available for elite Bangaloreans (I mean for all bangaloreans :) ) Its a good news to few atleast who are relatively new to bangalore or find it difficult to remember routes. You just need to send a SMS in a required format at 90088 90088.

Use keyword WHERE to find out where a place is.

For example, use: WHERE tyagaraja nagar
WHERE gnr kalyana mantap NEAR jayanagar
WHERE suranjan das road
WHERE icici atm NEAR south end circle

Use keyword GO to get help going to a place.
For example, use:
GO rajajinagar entrance FROM itpl GO victoria layout TO navrang cinema
GO hebbal flyover FROM dairy circle

The link to Latlong website is http://latlong.in/cgi-bin/latlong where you can test it with demo. The courtsey for finding these wonderfull informations goes to Praveen (http://spraveenitpro.blogspot.com/) whose blog I happen to bounce on bychance. He is a follower of http://criticalmassbangalore.blogspot.com/ BLOG.

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Smi said...

that's a good start for Bangaloreans....I ll miss bang more now

Indu said...
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