Saturday, January 31, 2009

Layoffs News in 2007-2009 (Global Meltdown era)

The latest economic crisis has already caught numerous eyes due to its deepening effect. Meanwhile, I got interested in its effect to social life of people. As a part of my project I decided to compile all the news in regard to layoffs that has marred media from January 2007 - December 2009. Also will try to get some of the biggest industry news in this period and some human stories regarding their fight against odds. It will be updated as an when I get to hear something related and also would appreciate if you can help me with this compilation by bringing to my notice similar news (with due acknowledgment to the contributor ).

1st Feb., 2009
1. Violent unrest rocks China as crisis hits (Click here for more details)

30th Jan., 2009
1.NEC to axe 20,000 (Click here for more)

24th Jan.,2009
Citigroup to axe 6,500 employees (Click here for more details)

10th Jan.,2009
US aerospace giant Boeing to shed 4,500 jobs (Click here for more details)

16th Dec.,2008
1. Fiat lays off 48,000 for a month during Christmas (Click here for more details)

9th Dec., 2008
1. ArcelorMittal to cut over 1,550 jobs in Germany & Belgium (Click here for more details)

Disclaimer : This is just a compilation of the news. The truth maybe sth else but thatz not what I am doing here.

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