Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to Identify a Good Person?

The question intrigued me for past few days after I was condemning myself of believing someone I should have never. This has happened quite a times enough for me to vent out my anguish in search of a good friend amongst the hundreds I meet every month. Being a science student from an academic point of view where there is reason for everything like Stars twinkle due to refraction and changing refractive index in space, I was interested in finding out some equation or theory which when applied to any new entity I come across gives me fair chance of knowing him and at the same time not get emotionally attached only to see me crying later.

The theory I propose is simple but can be easily argued upon since I lack analysis data of over 1000 people and how it faired. But if I have to put it like this why not should I put it in Science Journal and get accolades :). Coming back, here's my theory.

"If a person has basic courtesy in place, he/she is worth giving a shot."

When I say basic courtesy I mean, if he/she needs something from you , they will request and say thank you and not snatch it away with snobbish face and you don't have to go and ask it back as he/she will be alert enough to give back.

I don't mean that my theory is full proof but what I think is, if we can weed out 95 out of 100 it is worthwhile to let ourselves fall for 5 rather than 50. With this we will start with a positive note with 5 and if all five turns out sour we will be better off with lesser grudges and for the rest 95, we will start out with negative taste which overtime can be corrected seeing good coming out of those 95 and hence we may end up surprising ourselves.

Any feedback on my theory is WELCOME..

Stay Tuned!


Snowbrush said...

If I may ask a question, was it your intent to divide the world into two kinds of people, good and (by implication) bad? Also, what does it mean to be good--and bad?

Amit said...

Thank You Snowbrush for your comments.

First, my intention is not at all to divide the world in good and bad because it already is and that is why we have saints and leeches. As a part of this society it becomes difficult for me to distinguish between the two.

I am not trying to brand anyone as good or bad for everyone's else convenience. It is subjective and that someone who is good to me may not be for someone else.

As said.. it is my perception and no scientific outcome :)