Sunday, October 11, 2009

Incredible Cyclothon 2009 !!

The joy to participate in Cyclothon started last night when I was not able to sleep due to the excitement of seeing dawn and riding bike with thousands odds which kept me awake till 1:30 a.m. The alarm shotoff at 4:30 and I was not sleepy. Got ready and off to Malleswaram tocatch Bus.

The view on the road to BIEC was awe-inspiring. People carrying theirbikes on the top of Car, tied behind the car, in Motorbike and allsorts of possible ways were on display. I could see how each one waspumped up. On reaching the spot waited for other friends to join inand then moved to collect my bike. The arrangement was pretty neat and it was easy to locate the storehouse. Took my cycle and at around 9,the corporate riders were flagged off. (Pic Courtesy : Rajaneesh )

My joy knew no bounds when I saw the entire stretch reserved only for cyclist. It was enough adrenaline kick. I registered as part of Corporate Cycling of 25 KM and was even able to manage getting 40 oddsfrom my office with the help of Mathew Pylichen, Palani,Harish andothers. Close to the returning point at 12.5 KM, I met Vijay from Philips and we asked each other, "Dude, What say. Should we go for 36?". The prompt answer was "YES". We passed the 12.5 K limit and were able to manage 18 Km and return. With the passage of every KM after 18, it was getting tougher and tougher but the view of all ages participants kept me moving. The urchins at the sides where coming close to shake hand and thumps UP. I felt like a celebrity :). Finally made to the Finish Line and was smiling ear to ear with the satisfaction of self-belief and perseverance.
I am sure each one of us had a gala time and have our own long story to say. Shoot!!

Enjoy !!

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