Sunday, March 27, 2011

My First Big Step

In coming few days, I will be free to do what I want without bothering about my boss and monthly salary. I guess I will be living the dream of every free soul. No I am not going to exile. I am going to pursue Masters education in a US School in Computer Science subject starting Fall 2011.

My Visa is still not done and there is four months time before I get my boarding pass. Till then I will be at home with my parents and execute some study plans as its been long since I left college and will rather spend sometime building some muscles before the actual fight than getting knocked down on first blow. Many had advised me to wait till my Visa stamping but I must say, "I was bored to death at job and needed an immediate change". The decision was not hasty and well thought of and it was difficult on my part too, to let go 4 months salary. I said, "Dude, if you don't take chance today, you will regret all your life. Give yourself one chance at least" and then I leaped. It can also be termed as leap of faith because only then can we see something different emerging. If I fail in Visa (pray I dont), I still know that I will be starting something new in august.

I have been waiting for this opportunity for as long as 4 yrs. It was not easy road. I went all directions (MS, MBA, CMI, Finland, Sweden, Singapore, UK) before I got UMASS Lowell. I cannot be more happy. Success has many fathers (remember my old post), well yes and I too have them and they all contributed considerable. My next phase is important in life as I have to decide to pursue one of two career options seriously. No details now. It will be too much talking. Let's wait and watch.


Abhay said...

jiyo mere laal...
Hope best lies ahead

Amit said...

Thank You friend.