Sunday, March 27, 2011

The "D" day has arrived. Pre-Lessons learnt(don't want to get biased with results)

Today is the big day for my so called "Task", and I am keeping my temper at ease even though I feel like kicking my own butt for things that could have been done better. The reason for putting up this article is to analyze my experience with this task objectively and and not after its execution where the chances of getting biased with the result will be high.

1. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
On numerous instances I have heard this parable but failed to understand. My present situation force me to contemplate upon what could have been done better and I am sure to say that the adage holds true/right all time. Proper planning with good brainstorming looks like is the essence of success or way to avoid not superr failure and despair. It is painful to make a plan and more harder to follow it but I guess it is worth the effort and relief from heart burn later.

2. One Size does not fit all.
If a particular plan has worked for one, it may not work for me. Make an individual plan considering one own strength and weakness.

3. Assumptions Kill.
Moving with too much of assumption with air of wise man can overlook a great potential risk.

4. Good Sleep is necessary to achieve good results.

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