Friday, June 25, 2010

My First Proposal


24th April 2010 11:18.
Few minutes back I made my first love proposal in life. I called her up and after few customary greetings and whereabouts said,
"Plan for someday to visit Bangalore, your gift is waiting for you. Also, I want to tell you that my reason for Pune visit was to propose you. I kind of like you and all my friends have been bothering me and saying what a chicken I am of not speaking my feelings. So here I am, expressing my likeness. I don't want to bother you and I am sorry if I have but my intention was to just speak up frankly my feelings.".

To this she said
"Hmm... But Amit, I have always taken you as a good friend and it is good to speak up your feelings. I will surely take it easily and even I wanted to speak to you about something but maybe we will chat and discuss but not now. I need some time."

Me : "Ok. Look man, I hope you take it in right spirits and we stay as friends for long"

Her : "Surely."

Me : "Ok. Thank you. Talk to you soon. Bye".

P.S : Though I was not successful in gaining her love but we still are great friends.

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