Monday, June 14, 2010

Tomorrow will be Today.

Today was not like any other day. Today I saw my fate flip twice in matter of seconds. Take note when I say change, it had the potential of making tremendous transformation to my life and my family in all possible ways which includes bad too.

The risk was high but the gain with all its best efforts was not the best. For that particular level of risk I would bet for something more and not settle down for less. When the master said, "Welcome to my den", I orchestrated loop holes to seep through but still he was happy with the droplets he was gaining until I helped him realized I was an ether. Deep inside myself I didn't wished to be caged while my brothers and sisters yearned for long preservation but rather be set free to draw my own map and ways.

At present, I don't feel remorse about my choice but I cannot assure whether I will lament of my non-existence in near future while my siblings will be still praised upon in shape. Hence Tomorrow is going to be today.

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Prateek said...

Nice. Abstract writeup wittily written!