Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Look before you leap.

Many a times I feel the urge to let go my day's job and start something of my own. The dream to be my own boss, create jobs and draw my own fate line motivates me to walk the road less traveled. I believe that being a part of "JOB" for the rest of my life is damning. It is self-depreciation and lowly.

There are project ideas in my mind but I have a fear of shortfalls. I feel that there are certain behavioral aspects I need to develop myself before I could just throw off the towel and jump in to swim on my own. I need to have a mentor, someone from whom I can learn great skills of life and also who can believe in me and motivate me to do more than what I am capable of doing in my current setup. In the past I have produced great results but at present looks like I have gathered dust and needs some cleaning. I would like to give myself a chance of gambling with my dreams and try my luck.

Here's the short list I look forward to conquer. It is a daunting task but am ready to walk this road with the compass of determination and faith.

Focus on 1 Thing. : No shifting ideas. Stick to one even if it looks boring and make it successful and then move to next. 
Zero Procrastination : Do things in Time. 
Disciplined : Do things in order. 
Enterprising : Not settling down without solving the issue at hand. 
Uncompromising Quality : Strive for best. 
Good Listener : Be open to other ideas. 
Strong Technical : Know your technology well.
Zeal to Create : Unless I have it I will only slog fruitlessly.

I plan to be a turtle and move slow and steady than be a glamorous hare who lost the sight.

Go Turtle Go...

P.S. An article that flared my mind into this thought is here . I thank the author for writing it down so genuinely and elaborately for the benefits of other half-baked idiots :).

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